Welcome to my website!
Here you can find some information about the Hamburg-Jewish history, about Jewish cemeteries (Jüdische Friedhöfe), stumblestones (Stolpersteine). You can find twice Biographies in English (Emigrants) and Biographies in Englsh (victims of the holocaust). There are also essays about Martha Freud and Arnold Zweig . If you click Aktuelles you can find memory-events or new book-editions. You can also click along the Links to have a look on similar sites.
The subjects slave-trade and -transports and the Earl Schimmelmann (Wandsbek/Sklavenhandel) are non-jewish topics.

If you have questions or want me to research or write s.thg., please contact me. I can help you, if I have time and the project is interesting for me.

I would like to introduce myself:
I studied for a teacher and after finishing I started working with immigrants. I still do this with interruptions till now. I used some impressions of that workin my crime novel "Gefährliche Wanderung" (Dangerous hikingtour).

My main interest is history research especially to remember the exterminated German Jewry, especially in writing documentary and not in fiction. In 1986 I started my first researches in the Jewish history of Wandsbek (Juden in Wandsbek). I travelled to Israel and London to interview contemporary witnesses and work in archives. So I was able to publish some books or texts. Please click on Publikationen.

Since 2003 I joined the project stumblestone (Stolpersteine) and published in 2008 biographies of Nazi victims from Wandsbek. In 2009 I visited a family in New York and interviewed them about Kindertransporte from Hamburg to England.